Iceland / shot on film

I will not be ashamed of the fact that I was also watching Martin Faltejsek, Jan Scholz or Everbay – and was trying to figure out what attracts everyone to go to Iceland. And I discovered that besides Bali, this is another place where a man has to go at least twice with a completely different plan (and more equipment). 

The year 2017 was crazy – just a few hiking, I became a freelancer, I was solving money, the housing, the gear, the shooting... In all of this, almost everyone would forget in what we succeded!

I also shot this series (as the first) completely on the film. Specifically on the SLR Nikon F100 (recommended by Jano from @35120cameras, yay) and three Kodak Gold reels. Only then did I read that I had to take a minimum of ten reels (lol), but my 90 photos were enough :)

Few tips if you want to go too!

– beds are called the american style, which means they have about a meter thick mattress in which you can get lost very easily 

- we travelled 1500km just along the southern coast, but it was worth it

– in Dyrhólaey (these rocks in the sea) you can fly, just open your jacket and jump and little bit – the wind was so strong!

– just like in Bali, going against the plan is much appreciated (like our discovery of road 26)

Big kiss to Katerina – for the idea to go there and for scanning photos (some photos are from her) and big thanks to my brother Ondra for support.

P.S. Photos from the DSLR will be on my Instagram soon!

P.P.S. When scanning, we found 10 more forgotten photos from Bali, so check later for new gallery ♥

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